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Israeli Court Decision Sets Up Constitutional Crisis for Netanyahu Government

In a move that may destabilize Netanyahu’s war on Palestine, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected the legislation that the Netanyahu forces had rammed through the Knesset, which would have limited the powers of the court. This measure had led to the largest protests Israel had seen since the 1995 death of Yitzhak Rabin, and was only suppressed with the beginning of Netanyahu’s war in Gaza, following the Oct. 7 Hamas attack in Israel. The Court ruled 8 to 7 to reject the legislation, which would have limited minority rights, making it harder to fight official corruption, and paved the way for the annexation of the West Bank. Twelve of the fifteen justices ruled that the court had the right to make such a decision. Netanyahu has promised to fight it, claiming that the ruling was against the will of the people in a time of war, thus setting the stage for a major constitutional crisis.

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