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Major Italian Farmers Union CIA, Joins Independent Farmers Protest

The protest of Italian farmers continues. Since Jan. 22 they have held 22 sit-ins in as many cities and agricultural centers. On Sunday, Jan. 28, there will be a large demonstration in Turin. CIA, the second largest farmers union, with 900,000 members, has joined the protest, initiated by the Comitati Riuniti Agricoli (CRA).

Gennaro Sicolo, president of Cia Puglia and national vice-president of CIA, declared: “Already in recent days we have expressed our solidarity with the farmers who have brought their tractors and the demands of the agricultural world to the streets and squares. We are willing to discuss and agree on a united platform of demands that unite the entire primary sector, starting from the mistakes that Europe is making with very serious consequences on agriculture, misdirecting: it reduces support to the sector, increases constraints and obstacles by curbing production and accelerates a hawkish ecological transition that affects farmers in order to not reckon with the real and great polluters of the planet.”

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