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Ndileka Mandela Writes That During Apartheid, Palestinians ‘Were in the Dungeon with Us’

In the wake of South Africa’s powerful and comprehensive presentation of the case of the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza, South Africans have been freshly reminded of their identity. At a rally in Cape Town yesterday, Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mandla Mandela told the crowd: “My grandfather always regarded the Palestinian struggle as the greatest moral issue of our time.”

Ndileka Mandela, the former President’s granddaughter spoke with RT on Jan. 12, which reported: “Remembering the era of South African apartheid, when a white minority relegated all other ethnic groups to a sub-class, Mandela explained why Pretoria supports the people of Palestine, saying ‘these are the people that were in the dungeon with us during apartheid and supported us … without their freedom we are, honestly, not free.’ She said that South Africa has ‘the authority to be able to intervene’ because it’s ‘a best-case study, [demonstrating] best practice of how we [Africans] gained our democracy. We are a good case study of a democratic dispensation across Africa that was recorded without bloodshed.”