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Ukrainian Opposition Leader Urges Zelenskyy To Be Tossed Out of Power

Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of the key Ukrainian opposition party, “Opposition Platform—For Life,” before the party was banned by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stated that Zelenskyy will be tossed out of power this year. Medvedchuk had been arrested and then forced out of Ukraine. Since then, he’s been involved in efforts for a postwar Ukraine, neither siding with Russia nor the West.

Medvedchuk said, as RT reported, that Zelenskyy is doomed to be ousted this year, having antagonized all of his domestic and foreign allies, and that that will be good for Ukrainians. RT wrote that Mdvedchuk called Zelenskyy in a Jan. 10 column, an “unfunny parody of a dictator.” His present political weakness sends a signal to all “political predators to eat him. Zelenskyy has antagonized everyone he could: big businessmen, whom he blacklisted as traitors and oligarchs, professional Nazis, who see his cowardice, the military, who sees his incompetence, and last but not least, the people, who see his indifference and cruelty.”

Medvedchuk added that Ukrainians should understand that Zelenskyy’s downfall “does not necessarily mean a defeat of the Ukrainian people.” Since Zelenskyy “has long betrayed them and is selling them out for cannon fodder,” it could be viewed as a victory.

It won’t help Zelenskyy’s case that the U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby announced Jan. 11 that the cupboard is bare. His power to command billions of dollars into Ukraine has covered for more than a few problems. Kirby declared: “We have issued the last drawdown package that we had funding to support. And that’s why it’s critical that Congress move on that national security supplemental request and we get more funding. The assistance that we provided has now ground to a halt.”