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Biden Says He Doesn’t Anticipate Israeli Attack on Rafah

President Joe Biden claimed yesterday that he does not anticipate an Israeli attack on Rafah. “I’ve had extensive conversations with the Prime Minister of Israel over the last several days—almost an hour each,” he said during an appearance in the Roosevelt Room of the White House yesterday. “And I’ve made the case—and I feel very strongly about it—that there has to be a temporary ceasefire to get the prisoners out, to get the hostages out. And that is underway. I’m still hopeful that that can be done.”

“And, you know, my hope and expectation is that we’ll get this hostage deal. We’ll bring the Americans home. And the deal is been negotiated now, and we’re going to see where it takes us.”

“And in the meantime, I don’t anticipate ... that the Israelis will not make any massive land invasion in the meantime,” he claimed. “So, it’s my expectation that’s not going to happen.”

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