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European and G7 Leaders Make Pilgrimage to Kiev on Second Anniversary of War

European and G7 leaders made the pilgrimage to Kiev yesterday on the second anniversary of Russia’s special military operation, to promise that they will keep supporting the Kiev regime no matter what. “Two years ago, here, we met enemy landing forces with fire; two years later, we meet our friends and our partners here,” Zelenskyy said as he met the dignitaries at Hostomel airfield just outside of Kiev, which Russian paratroopers unsuccessfully tried to seize in the first days of the war, reported AP.

But, AP notes, “A somber mood hangs over Ukraine as the war against Russia enters its third year and Kiev’s troops face mounting challenges on the frontline amid dwindling supplies and personnel challenges.”

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen arrived in Kive shortly after a Russian air strike supposedly hit a residential building. Hours later, Zelenskyy’s office announced the signing of 10-year bilateral security deals with Canada and Italy, with Ottawa committing to send Kiev Can$3.02 billion (close to US$2.2 billion) in military and economic aid this year while Rome promised much-needed long-range weapons.

Meloni also chaired a G7 videoconference from Kiev that produced a joint statement on Feb. 24 reaffirming world leaders’ commitment to “supporting a comprehensive, just and lasting peace,” tightening sanctions on Russia and sending Ukraine military and economic aid for “as long as it takes.” Von der Leyen vowed during the joint press conference that the bloc will stand with Ukraine “financially, economically, militarily, and most of all, morally, until (the) country is finally free.”