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How Might Russia Retaliate if Germany Crossed the Red Line

Multiple German voices have come out with sharp warnings against Germany’s inching closer to sending Taurus missiles to Ukraine following the Bundestag’s Feb. 22 vote to send “long-range weapons systems.”

In an essay published on Feb. 23 by AnderweltOnline journal, Peter Haisenko looks at how Russia would retaliate against a potential delivery of offensive German weapons systems like the Taurus, which finally would make Germany a party to the war. An OK for the Taurus would occur against the background of a long list of German treaty violations with Russia, to which Moscow has so far not responded with effective retaliation, Haisenko writes, not ruling out that Russia might cancel the Two plus Four Treaty agreeing to the reunification of Germany. The implications of that would be the likely cancellation of all international treaties between Russia and Germany, potentially including the treaties signed with West Germany before 1990, including German membership in the United Nations. An impossible scenario? Haisenko does not think so. Therefore he calls on the German elites to prevent such an escalation “before Putin does it.”

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