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Moscow Says U.K. Encouraging Ukrainian Attacks Deep in Russian Territory

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova charged yesterday that the U.K. is openly pushing Ukraine to strike targets deep in Russian territory. “It was reported on Feb. 19, that the Russian air defense forces forced to land a British long-range Banshee Jet 80+ near Novoazovsk (D.P.R.). London is openly pushing Ukrainian neo-Nazis to strike at facilities deep inside the Russian territory. But none of the Jesuit plans hatched in Albion will succeed. Our armed forces will give them an adequate response,” she said in a ministry press release. The Banshee Jet 80+ was originally developed as a target drone for training purposes, but has apparently been converted into a one-way attack drone for use against Ukraine.

Zakharova reiterated statements made by the U.K. Ministry of Defense that Britain and Latvia will lead “a drone coalition.” “Judging by everything, London cannot wait to raise the temperature of the conflict once again,” she remarked.

Zakharova was referring to a British Ministry of Defense statement on Feb. 15 that announced the establishment of the U.K.-Latvia drone coalition to provide the Kiev regime with a million drones, along with other coalitions, including an air-defense coalition which will provide surface-to-air missiles. The project “will see the U.K. order thousands of FPV (First Person View) drones for Ukraine, including from U.K. manufacturers, providing a boost to the industry and delivering on the Prime Minister’s priority to grow the economy,” the statement said, which was issued just prior to last week’s meetings of the Ukraine Defense Coordination Group and of NATO defense ministers.