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Putin Commits for More Funding for Science on Russian Science Day

President Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting of the Council for Education and Science on February 8, Russian Science Day, where he promised greater funding for developing Russia’s scientific potential. Russia must provide itself with its own technologies and necessary products in all key areas, Putin said. Further: “The entire scientific and technological sphere is of key importance for achieving our national goals, for improving the quality of life of people, for the security of the country, its sovereignty and self-sufficiency.”

At the same time, development priorities must be closely related to key challenges and objectives in the economy, as well as in the social sphere and in the field of security, he noted. Next week the Cabinet of Ministers will present an updated strategy for the country’s scientific and technological development. Separately, the government, together with the Council for Science and Education, will prepare an updated list of the most important and necessary science-intensive technologies for the country.

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