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The Lincoln/LaRouche ‘Nemesis Principle’—You Can’t Fool All the World, All the Time

Nemesis (1837) by Alfred Rethel

First, bit by bit, and now, chunk by chunk, the cocoon of the clueless is being dismantled. The scales are beginning to fall from the eyes, and the minds, of the people of the trans-Atlantic world. Now, dimly, they can begin to see the real picture of “King Dorian Gray”—Charles of England, and the other, equally decadent “principalities and powers”—with all of their vices, depravity and sin written in the lines of their faces, as well as in the speeches, vetoes and bills placed before congresses and parliaments, designed and deployed to continue their ritual mass murder of the innocent, in Gaza and worldwide, in the name of the rule of law. Ireland and Spain, Türkiye and Egypt, virtually the entirety of Africa, even Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are calling for no siege/assault in Rafah. The Hindustan Times reported, “The African Union reportedly prevented an Israeli delegation from entering its headquarters in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa on Wednesday [Feb. 14]…. The Israeli delegation was reportedly supposed to present its point of view regarding the war in Gaza.” South Africa’s Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor, who spoke outside of that gathering, said of the ongoing criminal actions: “We believe this confirms the allegations we’ve tabled before the ICJ, that genocide is underway in the Palestinian territories, in the occupied territories—clearly the actions of the Israeli government prove that what we’ve said is actually accurate.”

Don’t, through electoral and other distractions, miss the true drama of this “world moment.” Right now, not only is the whole world watching Gaza; the whole world is rapidly becoming aware that there is another solution available, without war. If Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin’s statement, made at the beginning of his interview yesterday with President Vladimir Putin—"Mr. President, your interview with Tucker Carlson has already garnered 1 billion views”—is actually correct, it would mean that since last Thursday, Feb. 8, within one week, the psychological border, the “Russiagate"-driven electronic media fence painstakingly erected around “war criminal” and “madman” Vladimir Putin, has been breached; the knowledge of his actual proposals for peace and a negotiated settlement ending the Ukraine war, has become known to the clueless. This implies that the influence of the once-dominant “mainstream media,” given the right combination of successful initiatives by insurgent forces, can be dislodged, and even be brought down—like the Berlin Wall—should we intelligently act.

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