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President Putin addresses the Federal Assembly.

“And everything that they are coming up with now, how they scare the whole world, that all this really threatens a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons, and therefore the destruction of civilization…” Russian President Putin told the Russian Federal Assembly. “Don’t they understand this or what?”

“Or what,” seems to be the answer, at least as far as many NATO leaders are concerned. “Oh, Putin’s not serious,” they insist. “He’s just bluffing. Don’t worry, he’ll give in,” they maintain, doing their best not to take stock of the two years of conflict in Ukraine during which, according to them, an inevitable Russian defeat has always been just around the corner.

Just think of what could have happened had the late-2022 drone attack on the Russia’s Engels airbase—an attack launched from the territory of Ukraine—damaged or taken out of commission a portion of Russia’s strategic nuclear air forces. This could have been the beginning of a nuclear exchange, and we may have nothing so much as luck to thank for its not being so.

We need more than luck! We need a new security architecture.

“It is obvious that it is necessary to work to form a new contour of equal and indivisible security in Eurasia in the foreseeable future,” Putin said in the address mentioned above.

And the collapsing fortunes of Anglo-American NATO-land are showing much of the world, including and beyond the Global South, that a new world strategic and development architecture is essential for the continued survival and flourishing of global humanity:

The expanding sanctions designed to “bring Russia to its knees” and suppress the growth of China have instead had the effect of driving nations away from the use of the dollar and euro in their trade. While the large levels of dollar-denominated debt in the world preclude a rapid pull-out, the trend toward de-dollarization is clear. As Putin put it in his speech, “Moreover, the West itself is discrediting its own currencies and banking system—they are sawing off the branch on which they have been sitting for decades.”

And the ongoing pulverization of Gaza—exemplified by the latest killing or injuring of hundreds of Palestinians trying to get food being distributed in Gaza City—has sparked an international outcry. Fifty nations and three international organizations spoke during the Feb. 19-26 oral hearings held by the International Court of Justice on the topic of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, and 57 written statements were filed. Some examples:

• “No state commits annexation and apartheid with impunity, except—it seems—Israel … Israel must be made to behave like all civilized nations. Stop violating international law and UN resolutions!” said the ambassador from Belize.

• Israel’s “unlawful occupation and its atrocities must stop and should not be normalized or recognized,” said Indonesia’s foreign minister.

• “We … sense, see, hear and feel to our core the inhumane, discriminatory policies and practices of the Israeli regime as an even more extreme form of the apartheid that was institutionalized against black people in my country,” said the South African ambassador.

• Russia and China spoke up on behalf of the Palestinian cause.

It were only through collaboration among, at least, the United States, China, and Russia, that the framework for successful implementation of the LaRouche “Oasis Plan” for peace and development of Israel, Palestine, and the entire region, could be realized.

It is time for more good news to come from the nations of Anglo-American NATO! The agonized messages of those who cannot bear to be a part to the destruction taking place in Gaza—in forms as extreme as that of Aaron Bushnell—can be brought into a higher unity, as a chorus for a new way forward, for an active, conscious peace.

The LaRouche movement and LaRouche candidates have made it their job to build this chorus, to create good news. What good can you do, to share with others?