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Argentine Senate Rejects Milei’s Central ‘Cut, Slash & Burn’ Decree

March 15, 2024 (EIRNS)—Argentina’s normally unhinged President Javier Milei went into an uncontrolled rug-chewing fit last night after his “urgency and necessity” decree (DNU), which was submitted to the Senate and Chamber of Deputies in late December, went down to defeat in the Senate by a vote of 42-25, with 4 abstentions. The DNU, which is unconstitutional, is a monstrosity containing 366 articles which deregulate the entire economy and leaves the country at the mercy of the free market.

By law, the DNU went into effect as soon as it was sent to Congress and remains so until approved or rejected in both the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, so it will next go to the Deputies. In the Senate, legislators from the Peronist Union for the Fatherland allied with factions from other political parties or coalitions to build the majority needed to win. Many legislators reflected the anger of their governors who’ve had crucial funding and revenue-sharing slashed or eliminated by Milei.

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