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Biden’s State of the Union Had More the Ardor of a Nazi Nuremberg Rally

March 8, 2024 (EIRNS)—President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union address on the evening of March 7. While he began making comparisons to Franklin Roosevelt in 1941 in launching a fight against Hitler, the tenor of Biden’s declamatory speech reminded one more of that hateful German Chancellor than of the well-loved wartime President. The hysterical reaction of the Democrats to Biden’s war-mongering also carried a reminder of Hitler’s infamous Nuremberg Rallies. He began shouting in the beginning, claiming that he “would not bend to Putin” (maybe due to arthritis) and he really didn’t stop shouting until he finished his speech. No doubt he felt people would be convinced that an 81-year-old man who could rant for an hour was capable of serving as President for another four years. He perhaps also felt that his rant would pressure some “wavering” members into voting for his Ukraine aid package which has been going nowhere in the House.

He even began his speech before allowing Speaker Mike Johnson to give the customary introduction, “missing his cue” as the Speaker politely put it. The content of the speech was a combination of attacks against the Trump policy and a laundry list of “achievements” he had made in “reviving” the American economy. He warned about alleged Republican attempts to eliminate Social Security, harped on gun control, promised to tax the rich, attacked Big Pharma, and demanded that Congress pass his immigration reform bill. All of this red meat for the Democrats, who cheered him on the whole way. Bringing back Roe v. Wade is also a major election item that he wanted to underline. Democratic women were all dressed in white to underline that point. Only a small handful of Democratic representatives held small signs calling for a ceasefire which they timidly raised when Biden got to the issue of Gaza toward the end of his speech. Some Democrats, a little more gutsy, raised the sign reading “Stop Delivering Bombs!”

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