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Despite Injustice, Build Humanity an Oasis of Hope!

NATO Exercise in Norway. NATO photo

March 4, 2024 (EIRNS)—We are warned: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.” But what if the gods are also crazy? Is there a higher law than the madness of the gods, that prevails over the affairs of man and nature? Is there, truly, an arc to a moral universe that bends towards justice, a physically pre-existent, efficient, knowable and accessible shaper of the future?

The Utopian military faction of the mad Anglo-American establishment is fully committed to a “global showdown” with Russia, probably in the short term—the next weeks, or months. No other sense can be made of the beyond-reckless statements of France’s President Emmanuel Macron at the Feb. 26 Ukraine/Europe summit in Paris, that Europe should prepare to deploy troops in Ukraine. Macron repeated the statement, after other heads of state and institutional figures expressed their shocked disagreement. They know, though they may not say it, that no rational person can believe that France, or Britain, or Germany or the other European nations, can accomplish, with their de-industrialized economies, any mobilization in time to save Ukraine. What if, however, the present Strategic Defender NATO military exercises—the largest in Europe since World War Two, involving at least 90,000 troops—were, whether by intention or by opportunity, being used as the occasion to carry out NATO-authored attacks on Russia, similar to what was done to the United States on September 11?

Two facts should be remembered about that day, nearly 23 years ago. First, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) was carrying out an “ongoing military operation” that day, involving fighter aircraft in northeastern North America, and was therefore on full alert. Second, Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first head of state to contact President Bush, hours after the September 11 attack, and to inform him that he had instructed the Strategic Rocket Forces of Russia, the Russian nuclear capability, to stand down.

What is almost forgotten today is that, as reported by analyst Angela Stent in her Brookings commentary “The Impact of September 11 on U.S.-Russian Relations": “On September 9, 2001, Russian President Vladimir Putin called his American counterpart George W. Bush with an urgent message: Ahmad Shah Massoud, leader of the anti-Taliban and Moscow-supported Northern Alliance, had been assassinated in Afghanistan by two suicide bombers posing as journalists. Putin warned Bush of ‘a foreboding that something was about to happen, something long in preparation.’ Two days later al-Qaeda struck the United States.” Remember also that the year before, in 2000, Putin had told NATO Secretary-General George Robertson that he wanted Russia to join NATO. What role might 9/11 have played in, among other things, the destruction of that potential alliance between, not only Putin and NATO, but more importantly, Russia and the United States? How threatened was the U.S./U.K. “Special Relationship” by that? What would have happened to Tony Blair’s “End of Westphalia” campaign, just announced in 1999, and in which NATO had deployed against Serbia as a pro-active “Responsibility To Protect” strike-force?

Whoever is actually responsible for the recent exposé of the “intercepted” Germany/NATO discussions of Feb. 19 about deploying Taurus missiles to destroy the Kerch Bridge in Russia, one thing should be obvious from Russia’s 2014 interception of the infamous Victoria Nuland “F— the EU” phone call. There is no doubt that the presence of French, British and American “contract military personnel” in Ukraine, as specialists and “technical advisors,” is fully known and taken into account by Russia’s military. The Taurus missile’s range means that it can reach Moscow, and if Germany provides that missile to Ukraine, there is no doubt that doing so is an act of war against Russia that must be responded to, if that becomes necessary, with maximum retaliation. So the “intercept” should tell us that we are being rapidly set on the path to thermonuclear war, whatever popular delusion may propose to the contrary.

There is an additional problem. Through the “shaping of psychology by war,” the vast majority of the Anglosphere’s citizens have not faced the fact that if thermonuclear war is to occur on the planet, it will be initiated by their nations—not by Russia, China, or anywhere else. It will come from London, Wall Street, and Brussels. This is the cultural reality of our post-1963 trans-Atlantic world. In “Zbigniew Brzezinski and September 11th,” Lyndon LaRouche starkly explained:

“Samuel Huntington‘s 1957 The Soldier and the State, and all of the principal output of Huntington and Brzezinski since, represent (the) fascist tradition in the extreme form, expressed by the combination of the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ policy with the events of September 11. Huntington’s definition of the professional soldier, is nothing but hero-worship of that specific fascist type intended to overthrow the nation-state and establish a caricature of the old pagan Roman Empire as world-government today.

“The root of the evil expressed by Huntington and Brzezinski, is cultural, a hatred of the nature of man as Moses Mendelssohn, for one, defined man. For this reason, the cabal of followers of the Nashville Aquarians’ (William Yandell) Elliot, such as Brzezinski, Huntington, and Kissinger, not only hate, and seek to destroy the American intellectual tradition; at bottom, like their predecessors, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Huxley‘s H.D. Wells, Alastair Crowley, and Bertrand Russell, what they really hate, is mankind, or, like Nietzsche and his followers, God himself.

“Therefore, the virtually instinctive reaction against progress, presently, by the oligarchical current of society, is to take steps calculated, in effect, or even intent, to bring on a new dark age . This means resorting to Malthusian and coherent types of measures and actions, all implicitly aimed to lower the standard of education and living of the general population….”

Therefore, today, as with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, this is a time to break silence. Leaders must emerge from within the cultural Inferno of the trans-Atlantic world that take intellectual arms against this Utopian faction, before it is too late—as it already very well may be. There is reason for hope, seen in various expressions of independent leadership, accompanied by voters, demonstrators and others who are supporting their efforts. For example, various commentators have remarked over the weekend about British Prime Minister Sunak’s “complete public meltdown” over George Galloway’s Rochdale electoral victory. It was not the fact of electoral victory, but the total rejection of the British political establishment that it implied. Galloway’s was an independent candidacy of the Workers Party, hardly a powerhouse in British elections. Yet he received more votes than the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Party candidates combined. Consider, also, that Galloway had been expelled from the Labour Party because of his opposition to the Iraq War. It was Tony Blair that expelled him—the Blair of the “dodgy dossier” that was the primary pretext that allowed the hapless George W. Bush to utter the infamous “sixteen words” that falsely launched the Iraq War: “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

Sunak took to the steps of 10 Downing Street, reserved for only the most important political announcements. Some thought he was about to announce new elections. Instead, a terrified Sunak called for the need to impose a vicious crackdown on political dissent in Britain. British-based observers are astonished at the level of panic that this indicates exists in the British political class. The Michigan primary 101,000 votes against the Biden Administration’s Gaza policy, and this past Saturday’s Detroit meeting of the “Emergency Conference for Peace in Gaza,” organized by the International Peace Coalition’s members and co-thinkers, which featured Independent New York candidates Diane Sare and Jose Vega, are more closely related to the events in Rochdale than the Anglo-American “political no-class,” with no imagination, is able to conceive.

We must break the LaRouche Oasis Plan into the public discourse. In doing so, we make it the intellectual property of millions. They, by “owning” the Oasis Plan, can expropriate the “British Empire of the mind” that has subjugated them to believe in Malthusian no-win outcomes, when win-win solutions are readily available. We can counteract and overcome the spiritual desert created over the past half-century-plus in the souls of citizens who have been too cowardly to speak out from the silence, even in the face of the slaughter of tens of thousands in Gaza. “Either mankind will put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind,” has never been truer than now. That noble task has also never been more achievable.