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Iter fusion reator in France. Credit:

March 6, 2024 (EIRNS)—"Colleagues, we have reached the very precipice of nuclear war and it is imperative that all nations raise their voices—not the voice of one nation, nor of several nations, but of all humanity—for peace and against nuclear war,” said Mexican Congressman Benjamin Robles on March 6. “Let all the citizens of the world also unite in pursuit of a new international security and development architecture that guarantees the right to welfare and economic development of the people of the planet. Achieving peace through development, that is the path.”

“The monstrosities of the world wars and other armed conflicts, the atrocities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are dark episodes in the history of humanity from which we should have learned, so that they would never be repeated,” he said earlier in his speech before the Chamber of Deputies. “But the expansionist drive of the powers, the monstrosities of a voracious economic system that has generated inequality and misery, are a breeding ground for conflict.”

The world, now witnessing in horror the escalating barbarities of the murderous siege and bombardment of Gaza, and facing a growing danger of all-out nuclear war in reaction to the failure of the Ukraine war to weaken Russia. A convoy of World Food Program trucks destined for Northern Gaza was delayed for hours by the IDF before turning back. The U.S. is spending enormous sums of money to upgrade nuclear missiles, silos, and submarines. The European Union talks of acting as a “war economy.” A Swiss intelligence veteran says “the problem is that in the West it is [now] difficult to distinguish between political thought and racism.… The hatred that people had for the Soviets in the Second World War has been transformed into hatred for the Russians.”

When it comes to creating a path forward, with a few very notable exceptions—such as independent LaRouche candidates Jose Vega and Diane Sare—there are almost no U.S. candidates up to the task.

In a scene reminiscent of the prophecy of the three witches of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Nikki Haley received a message from the oracle: “None of these candidates will defeat you.” That’s exactly what happened in Nevada, where the GOP, which awards delegates via caucus, is required under state law to hold a primary election. In that election, the ballot line labeled “none of these candidates” soundly trounced the now-suspended Haley campaign, 63% to 31%.

Joe Biden is getting similar treatment in primaries that actually award delegates. In state after state where it is an option, “uncommitted,” “no preference,” and “uncommitted delegate” have been winning significant votes. In Michigan last week, “uncommitted” won 13.3% of the vote. And on Super Tuesday, March 5, “uncommitted” did even better in Minnesota, at 20%. In North Carolina, 12.7% or 88,000 people voted “no preference.” In Massachusetts, 54,000 or 9.4% voted “no preference,” beating out candidates Marianne Williamson and Dean Philipps. In Colorado, “noncommitted delegate” came in second, with 8.1%; in Tennessee “uncommitted” got 7.9%, and in Alabama 6%. ("Uncommitted” now has 7 delegates, compared to Biden’s 1,497.)

The message? Don’t look to November for a solution to the world’s most pressing problems!

Look instead to the actions taken up in communities across the country, where city council after city council is organized to pass resolutions calling for ceasefire in Gaza. Look to the actions taken by the LaRouche movement, to present a vision for peace in the Oasis Plan, achievable only through a transformation of overall policy. Look to what you can do to build pressure to break through in NATO-land, to abandon Anglo-American dreams of hegemonism in favor of a truly human paradigm of peace through development.