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George Galloway on U.K. ‘by Jingo’: ‘Plenty of Jingo’, No Men, Ships, or Money

George Galloway in the House of Commons. Credit: George Galloway's Youtube Channel

March 24, 2024 (EIRNS)—In a House of Commons speech which was impassioned, righteous, and very funny, newly elected MP George Galloway showed the kind of furious commitment to justice and truth which may change even a parliamentary body in which he may be a single voice for peace and economy. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was completely upset at a public press conference, at just the thought of Galloway having beaten the parties in an election.

“Why on Earth are these people [pointing across the chamber] pirouetting in this Parliament, about which enemy they’re going to fight, in which theater of war … that we are already fighting, or that we may have to get ready to fight?” Galloway asked. “We haven’t the men! We haven’t the ships! We haven’t the money! So why are we picking enemies—I’ve lost count of how many already named in this debate. The U.K. doesn’t have “the men,” the Royal Marines veteran said, because “out people don’t join the armed forces—they don’t trust these people over here, not to send them into another Iraq, another Afghanistan; and they are right not to trust them.”

And even sharper: “Our country is in very grave danger of falling into the trap of Mussolini— going around the world threatening people with the German army. Our politicians go around the world threatening people with America’s army. But there’s a big change coming.”

Later, after describing the desperation of the real U.K. economy and the economic shuffling of its people, he cracked, “The empire strikes back, you know. We are India now. The Indians own us!”

The 10-minute speech is worth watching to get an idea of what one or two such representatives, one real Senator, might do in the United States.