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Ballistic missile submarine. CC/National Museum of the U.S. Navy

March 3, 2024 (EIRNS)—There is a dangerous escalation of events taking place around the world which, if not stopped, are quickly bringing the world to the brink of a nuclear world war. The leaked audio file of German military officials conspiring around an increased German role in military operations—not just in Ukrainian territory but in Russia—has significantly changed the situation, and has given the lie to claims by Western leaders that they are trying to avoid a direct war with Russia.

It seems the message has not yet been grasped, as rhetoric regarding a nuclear arms race is only increasing, seemingly deaf to the danger it represents. Finland’s new President Alexander Stubb has said that “Finland must have a real nuclear deterrent,” a move that is currently prohibited under Finnish law. Others, such as Peter Dickinson of the Atlantic Council, have dismissed all warnings of an escalation in this direction, insisting that the West must “stand up” to Putin. “Autocrats around the world will take note of Putin’s success in Ukraine and draw the logical conclusions for their own expansionist agendas,” Dickinson wrote. This point was echoed by the Washington-based Institute For the Study of War.

Russia has stated over and over again that red lines do exist and they will not hesitate to defend themselves. These statements to the contrary from Western leaders show that they are either grossly ignorant or completely insane—either way spells an extreme danger for the world that must be acted upon.

The situation is made worse by the ongoing genocide taking place in Gaza, which risks erupting the entirety of Southwest Asia into conflict and bloodshed. Israel’s recent change in policy, shifting from a long-standing relationship with Russia to now placing them alongside Iran, Hamas, and the “global forces of destabilization” is notable in this regard. Remember, Israel does have an undeclared arsenal of nuclear weapons.

This state of affairs cannot be allowed to stand. Anyone not numb to reality will feel this indomitable tension, which, even if one ignores or suppresses it, will not go away.

The late Airman Aaron Bushnell felt this, and made the ultimate sacrifice in the hope of causing others to feel it as well. The hundreds of thousands who marched in the streets Saturday, March 2, for Rafah and Gaza also feel it—which was only fitting that many of the demonstrations included memorials to Bushnell. It is clear now that the dignity of the U.S., Germany, and other Western nations must now be restored, and fast. This, clearly, is what Bushnell would have wanted.

Dignity only comes, however, when one stands up and refuses to accept the degradation, humiliation, and almost criminal complicity which has been foisted upon us. The task is to confront the danger which the country and world faces, and choose to act—to intervene.

A crucial tool in that regard is the vision for a beautiful future for Israel-Palestine represented by the LaRouche Oasis Plan for Southwest Asia—a proposal in which a restored U.S. and West could play an invaluable role in implementing. Get it out everywhere, and stand up for the future dignity which your nation must embody.