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Le Monde: The ‘Thinking’ Behind Macron’s Call for NATO Troops in Ukraine

March 2, 2024 (EIRNS)—The leading French daily Le Monde today turned to unnamed sources to explain why Macron had opened the door to NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine, and then doubled down on his suicidal proposal. If European troops enter Ukraine, Le Monde’s sources explained, this would allegedly force Russia to think twice about attacking them. TASS reported that “this is first and foremost considered as a way to create `a strategic dilemma’ for Russia, Le Monde writes. The training that the French would like to provide to Ukrainians particularly concerns ground-based air defenses, as these facilities often come under Russian fire, the paper said, adding that the presence of soldiers from France or other counties would potentially make some Ukrainian areas safe, while seriously impeding Moscow’s unhindered targeting efforts.”

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