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Putin: Russia Hasn't Enemy Nations, Only the Elites in Some Nations

March 28, 2024 (EIRNS)—When asked yesterday at a meeting of regional artists, in Russia’s Tver Region, about Western actions to “cancel” Russian culture, President Vladimir Putin answered that Moscow has no such plans to respond in kind. RT, in reporting the exchange, cited cases of cancellations last year of performances of the Bolshoi ballet in London, of music by Peter Tchaikovsky in Wales, and of Russian musicians in general in New York City. (Even Tchaikovsky, from a Ukrainian family, did not survive the cancelling!)

Putin said they have “never tried to cancel” any foreign artists or cultural performances. “On the contrary, we believe the Russian culture to be a part of the global one, and we take pride” in this. “We do not have any unfriendly nations, we have unfriendly elites in those nations.”

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