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Realistic French Military Assessments of Ukraine’s Military Situation Leaked

Ukraine forces cannot win the war. Credit: on Facebook

Paris, March 13, 2024 (EIRNS)—In a major piece in its current issue (March 7-13), the French sovereignist weekly Marianne reveals the content of several secret defense reports addressed to President Macron on the situation in Ukraine, which explains Macron’s panicked reaction and series of “unfeasible” proposals. The content of those messages showed the total superiority of Russia on the front lines.

Written last fall, the first report notes that, with “the level of forces involved, Ukraine cannot win this war militarily.” The report speaks clearly of the “failure of the Ukrainian offensive.” The planning organized by Kiev and the Western chiefs of staff revealed itself as “disastrous.” They thought that after the first Russian defenses were taken, the whole front would collapse. They did not take into account the “moral force of the enemy in defense: that is to say, the will of Russian soldiers to hang onto territory.”

Further, Russia’s new “tactical and technical” standard of running defensive operations works. They are not “meat-grinder assaults.” Western pursuit of more fighting would be “the most serious error of analysis and judgment.” A senior officer found it “unreasonable” to send French troops to Ukraine: “Make no mistake, up against the Russians, we are an army of cheerleaders!”

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