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Scholz Tells Bundestag To End Debate on Taurus, I’m Tough on Russia

March 21, 2024 (EIRNS)—Not showing any signs that he would think of diplomacy to end the war in Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz made clear to the Bundestag yesterday that, despite his opposition to the deployment of the Taurus missiles in Ukraine, he was as anti-Russian as anyone. He insisted that Germany “will not accept a dictated peace at the expense of Ukraine…. Law is stronger than violence.” He charged Russian President Putin with violating that principle by Russia’s special military operation against Ukraine in February 2022. “We will not let him get away with this,” he insisted.

His message directed at the Bundestag after their vote last week, opposing sending the Taurus missiles to Ukraine, was that the debate within Germany is “nothing short of ridiculous.” He added that the controversy isn’t well understood outside of Germany, and he described it as “embarrassing for us as a country.” Yet, Scholz was at pains to send a message to Russia that, even though Ukraine won’t get the Taurus, Germany’s will not decrease its backing for Ukraine, and that should Moscow expect otherwise would be a “miscalculation.”

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