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Hamas ‘Sexual Violence’ UN Security Council Session, per Request of U.S., U.K. and France

March 11, 2024 (EIRNS)—Today at a special session of the UN Security Council, requested by the United States, the U.K. and France, there were hours of attention devoted to the topic of “sexual violence” by Hamas on Oct. 7, with discussion of a report released on this focus last week by a UN office, whose team visited Israel for interviews.

However, the exchanges ended up very broad and heated, with many nations raising the mass death going on in Gaza at the hand of Israel, including remarks from China and Russia. Diplomats from Palestine, Algeria, and others gave statistics on the non-investigation of years of Israeli torture, sexual attack, and other behavior against Palestinians, that were never investigated, or blocked from even being reported.

Participating in the session was a special delegation from Israel, led by Foreign Minister Israel Katz, and other high-level officials. Katz spoke, demanding more action against Hamas, and thanked diplomats present from nations supporting the Israel viewpoint.

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