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Vatican Secretary of State on Pope’s Call for Negotiations and Risk of Nuclear War

March 13, 2024 (EIRNS)—Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin told Italy’s Corriere della Sera that “the Holy See is concerned about the risk of a widening of the war” in Ukraine. “The escalation of the conflict, the outbreak of new armed clashes, and the arms race are dramatic and disturbing signs in this regard…. The risk of a fatal ‘drift’ towards nuclear war is a real one. Just look at how regularly certain government representatives resort to this sort of threat. I can only hope that this is strategic propaganda rather than a ‘warning’ of something truly possible.”

Corriere della Sera interviewed the chief Vatican diplomat in the wake of the controversy being fanned over Pope Francis’s March 9 interview with Radio Télévision Suisse, in which he urged Ukraine and Russia to negotiate for peace. Vatican News published the full text of Cardinal Parolin’s interview under the headline: “Parolin: For the Pope, Negotiation Is Not Surrender, But a Condition for Just and Lasting Peace.”

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