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Argentina's Milei Offers ‘Unbreakable’ Support for Israel Against Iran

April 15, 2024 (EIRNS)—In a move that has shocked his country’s foreign policy establishment, as well as patriotic sectors, Argentina’s unhinged President Javier Milei interrupted his visit to the U.S. on April 13, flew back to Buenos Aires, and immediately met with Israeli Ambassador Eyal Sela the morning of April 14, to offer his unrestricted support for Israel, which had just suffered an Iranian drone attack! Milei had only had time in Miami to receive an award as “the International Ambassador of Light” from a local Lubavitcher sect and then meet with Elon Musk in Houston, before hopping on a plane to fly home to announce that Argentina was aligning with Israel in its war against the Islamic world.

The front page of the daily Página 12 today shows a picture of Milei, dressed in the army fatigues he wore when he met April 4 with U.S. Southern Command commander Gen. Laura Richardson, in the southernmost city of Ushuaia, under the headline “Milei Went to War.”

What came next enraged many professional foreign service officials at Argentina’s Foreign Ministry. After meeting with Sela privately at the presidential palace, and releasing a picture of the two embracing, Milei then took the unprecedented step of inviting the ambassador to attend a meeting of the emergency “crisis cabinet” he set up to monitor, and respond to, the weekend’s events. Photographs were released showing Sela sitting at the table with Milei and cabinet members, briefing them on the situation. Subsequently, the Israeli ambassador attended a “press conference,” that was recorded, but included no press—during which, he expressed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s and President Isaac Herzog’s gratitude to President Milei for “his clear and unyielding support of Israel and for being on the right side of history,” Página 12 reported him saying.

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