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Britain Empire Foreign Secretary Cameron in Washington THo Pressure Congress on Ukraine Aid

April 10, 2024 (EIRNS)—Part of U.K. Foreign Secretary David Cameron’s mission in Washington, yesterday, was to help jack up the pressure on House Speaker Mike Johnson to ram through Biden’s war supplemental budget request which includes $60 billion for Ukraine. “The Foreign Secretary will reassert the importance of stepping up economic pressure on Russia now and continuing to give Ukraine the military and humanitarian support it needs to hold the line this year and go on the offensive in 2025,” the Foreign Office said in a statement at the time of Cameron’s departure from London early yesterday.

During their joint press conference, Blinken reported that he and Cameron “of course reaffirmed the imperative of continuing to support and help Ukraine defend itself against the ongoing Russian aggression.” He claimed that “we see weapons, we also see technologies to support the defense industrial base in Russia coming from North Korea, from Iran, from China.”

Blinken continued: “We also talked about the imperative of getting assistance to Ukraine now in terms of additional munitions, air defenses, artillery.... Both of our countries are pressing ourselves and pressing others to do this. And in that light, the supplemental budget request that President Biden has made of Congress is urgent and its imperative. The House is now back in session. We look to see that brought before the House and to get a vote as quickly as possible.”

“In terms of what works, we know that if we give the Ukrainians the support they deserve, they can win this war; they can achieve the just peace that they deserve,” Cameron claimed, apparently missing the fact that last summer’s offensive failed miserably. Therefore, “perhaps nothing is more important than the supplemental that the Congress is looking at, at the moment.” Cameron claimed that he didn’t come to Washington to lecture anyone. “ I just come here as a great friend and believer of—in this country and a believer that it’s profoundly in your interest and your security and your future and the future of all your partners to release this money and let it through. And I’m looking forward to meetings I’m going to be having in Congress later today.”