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Head of Italian "Independence" Movement Proposes Peace Conference in Rome

Gianni Alemanno, secretary-general of the “Indipendenza” movement, called for a peace conference in Rome in preparation for the 2025 “Holy Jubilee” of the Catholic Church. Alemanno was joined by Marco Rizzo, honorary chairman of the Italian Communist Party and head of the “Democrazia Sovrana e Popolare” slate for the European Elections. Alemanno’s movement is helping DSP collect signatures for its slate. Although representing different constituencies (Alemanno rightwing, Rizzo leftwing), the two politicians came together under the banner of stopping the wars in Ukraine and Gaza and working for a multipolar world order.

“To prepare for the Jubilee year, building sites, services and technical arrangements are not enough,” Alemanno said in a video message. “To live up to such an important deadline, Rome must be the setting to give political concreteness to the universal message of peace launched by Pope Francis.

“The Italian government, instead of going in tow of the bellicose projects of Washington, London and Brussels, must promote an international peace conference to address the knots in the Middle East and Ukraine. This conference cannot but be based precisely in Rome and be the signal of a new capacity of Italy to open up to the multipolar world and to be a bridge between Europe and other major civilizational areas that are emerging from planetary marginalization.

“We ask this today, on the eve of Rome’s anniversary [April 21] before the start of the Jubilee, and we hope,” he concluded, “that the Rome municipality will also make its voice heard in order to give itself such an important goal.

Marco Rizzo added: “Today the world seems to be moving toward a general war that could have catastrophic results, and stopping the war therefore becomes the imperative. It is a matter of figuring out what are the most valid tools. The most valid tool is to fight against war but that is not enough. There is a need to work for a multipolar world that is the only antidote to the new colonialist and imperialist wills of a West that is now devoid of values. This is the main reason why in the united fight against war we meet with Gianni Alemanno.”