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April 1, 2024 (EIRNS)—Excerpts from the 1984 video “The Power of Labor” by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Living Processes And The Golden Section

Your most important problem in understanding the universe as we have described it, is your attempt to reconcile what we have developed so far with the commonplace belief that objects of perception are self-evidently existing things: the noun-view of experience. This noun-view of experience was the basis for Descartes’ image of the universe. Naive belief assumes that objects move around in empty space and interact with each other. In the picture of the universe we have described, the thing is recognized as existing, but we interpret such objects in a different way than Descartes does.

First, for us, all objects have been created by a universal, negentropic process. Mathematically, this act of creation resembles the creation of a singularity by conic self-similar spiral action, as we described that earlier here. These singularities are also used up later on, used up as raw materials for the creation of new singularities.

So, in our approach to mathematical physics, we define objects mathematically as we defined energy in study of economic processes. We define an object primarily by comparing the work of its creation and the work obtained by its destruction: the proper definition of any object is based on studying the characteristics of the object in terms of reference to both its creation and its destruction. In other words, we do not treat objects as finished things; we treat objects as ephemeral moments of transition between two work-processes.

Naturally, as measured in human life-times, the ephemeral object may have an existence measured in billions of years. From our subjective standpoint, such long-lived objects appear to be permanent existences within the universe. From the standpoint of the limitless existence of a Being coextensive with our universe, as Christian theology defines God to be, the proper view of all objects as merely ephemerals is the natural viewpoint. Sooner or later, even if after billions of years, objects once created will ultimately be destroyed by being used up in some way.

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