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Borrell Calls for Respect for ICJ, Tells EU Nations Not To 'Disregard' It

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell. Credit: Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU

“The ICJ is the highest court of the United Nations system. All its Members States have the obligation to comply with its decisions,” wrote EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell on his EU blog. “All EU Member States are then bound to them. Disregarding it would be against the rules-based world order we support and promote everywhere. The unconditional respect and the relentless promotion of international law is at the heart of both our identity and our foreign policy.”

“Introducing caveats, objections or exceptions based on non-legal grounds damages the rule-based order, damages our values and will damage our international standing,” he added. “If one of the parties is not satisfied by the decision of the Court, it can of course address a specific request for interpretation but not disregard it.”

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