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China Concludes Military Maneuvers To ‘Seize’ Taiwan

The latest Chinese military exercise, Joint Sword 2024A, concluded on May 24. The maneuvers projected a significant level of seriousness in regard to the threats of Taiwan independence, and took place three days after new President Lai Ching-te took office. As a part of the Chinese reaction, the Chinese Coast Guard in Fujian province—across from Taiwan—also mobilized ships for long-range “law enforcement operations.”
The present operations, which have been broadly covered by the Chinese media, were far more extensive than those conducted in response to then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Aug. 2, 2022 visit to Taiwan, or the later March 30-April 6, 2023 visit of then-Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen to the United States, during which she met with U.S. officials.
In an explicit statement of this reality, the People’s Liberation Army said Friday that the exercises are designed to test China’s ability to “seize power” over Taiwan. Further, the name of the exercise, Joint Sword 2024A, indicates that if provocations on the part of Taiwan continue, there is also a B, C, and D in place.