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Cicero Revelations Must Spark Debate On German Re-entry to Nuclear Power

The April 26 report in Cicero magazine exposing German Green government officials’ falsifications of expertise that would have prevented their plans to suspend Germany’s final exit from nuclear power has caused waves in the mainstream media, and increased pressure on Green Minister of Economic Affairs Robert Habeck. He announced on the “Markus Lanz” television show last night that he would supply the relevant Bundestag committees with all the documents requested in this context, as he has nothing to hide and in any case, the decision for the final exit from nuclear in April 2023 was not affected. The opposition Christian Democrats on their part have called for the creation of a special investigation committee.

Going through the documents in this affair would however be a mere academic venture, if the exit from nuclear is not reverted. The documents and the work of a special investigation committee must serve to restart a debate on Germany’s re-entering nuclear power—restarting the three reactors shut down in April 2023 which nuclear power technology operator Preussen Elektra says would take two years—as well as opening the door to building new reactors. That must be done in the context of exiting the irrational government strategy to engage in an all-renewables energy policy, making Germany dependent on unreliable solar, wind and biomass.