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Colonel Macgregor Warns Game Is Up on U.S.’s Ukraine Proxy War vs. Russia

In a succinct posting to his X account Monday night, on May 6, retired U.S. Col. Douglas Macgregor warned that since Moscow made it clear this week to NATO countries that strikes on its territory from their proxy, Ukraine, will no longer be tolerated, the U.S. had better suspend military aid to Ukraine post haste, before we find ourselves in a war against Russia we are not prepared to fight.

Macgregor drew the attention of his nearly 300,000 followers, to two news reports from Russia: (1) that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had summoned British and French Ambassadors to the Kremlin to warn them that the Russians may respond against U.K. and French bases, should Russia’s territory be attacked with long-range weapons those countries have provided to Ukraine; and (2) that the “Russian General Staff is also reportedly considering plans for nuclear strike on Ukraine’s training base Selidovo, which has many foreign soldiers and instructors.”

Macgregor notes that the Selidovo base is not far from Donetsk City, that the Russians can easily destroy it with conventional warheads on Iskander Missiles. His concern is not those particulars, however, but the broader implications of those two actions for U.S. policy:

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