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Israel Is ‘Sinking Into a Dark Abyss’ of Hell Says Haaretz Op-Ed

In the aftermath of the Israeli strike in Rafah on May 26 that killed at least 45 Palestinians and wounded 200 more, the Israeli public is reported to be deeply divided over the conduct of the war. Some far-right personalities made fun of the fire that consumed dozens of lives in Rafah, as part of the Jewish holiday of Lag BaOmer—where bonfires are the traditional custom—and that took place on the same night as the Rafah strike, reported The Hill.

“Toddlers go up in flames, and the public in Israel celebrates, ignores, babbles or yawns—this is what our Hell looks like,” wrote Yoana Gonen, in an opinion piece in Haaretz newspaper. “Israel is slowly sinking into a dark abyss, hand in hand with the devastated Gaza.”

Another 37 Palestinians were reported killed by Israeli shelling yesterday, mostly people sheltering in tents. Shelling late May 27-28 hit Rafah’s western Tel al-Sultan district, killing at least 16 people, the Palestinian Civil Defense and the Palestinian Red Crescent said. Seven of the dead were in tents next to a UN facility about 200 meters from the site of Sunday’s fire. The Gaza Health Ministry puts the death toll in Gaza since Oct. 7 at 36,171, with another 81,420 wounded.

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