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German Police Raid Bundestag Office of Leading NATO/Ukraine Critic

Based on allegations of being on the payroll of Russian agencies, the office of Alternative for Germany party (AfD) MP Peter Bystron was raided by police this morning. The Bundestag presidency had lifted Bystron’s immunity to make that possible.

Note that whereas hard evidence for the charges against Bystron has not been provided, Bystron’s critique of the German support for Ukraine has been a nuisance for the war party for quite some time. The latest “incident” caused by Bystron has been his initiative for an AfD query to the government about its awareness of the Bandera tradition of present-day pro-Nazi networks in Ukraine and of past crimes committed by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). To this, the German Foreign Ministry responded on May 7 with a “know nothing” evasive document, which even tries to turn the issue around at the end, declaring on the AfD warning of these Ukrainian networks being an obstacle against any peace process: “No, it is Russia’s Imperialism, on which the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is based, which threatens the security in Europe.”

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