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The key highlights of Putin’s speech were covered in the May 8 EIR Daily Alert, but we reproduce here some additional quotes in which Putin emphasizes the total commitment to defend Russia against all attacks, and the required unity of the nations. The full speech is available on the Kremlin site.

At the very beginning of his speech, Putin emphasized the ongoing war in Ukraine: “I humbly honor our heroes, the participants in the special military operation, and all those who are fighting for our Fatherland.” He stated “the essence of the supreme mission of the head of state: to protect Russia and serve the nation. I understand that this is a tremendous honor, a major responsibility and a sacred duty… [We have] a shared conviction that we will determine the fate of Russia ourselves, and only ourselves, for the sake of present and future generations…

”[We have] unwavering resolve to defend our choices, our values, our freedom and Russia’s national interests. I am confident that we will pass through this difficult pivotal period with dignity and emerge even stronger… I am confident that the support of centuries-old family values and traditions will continue to unite public and religious associations, political parties, and all levels of government.”

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