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Biden Decides to Send Another Patriot System To Ukraine

The New York Times reported yesterday that the Biden Administration has decided to send another Patriot air defense missile system to Ukraine. Unnamed U.S. officials told the Times that Biden’s decision came last week after a series of high-level meetings “and an internal debate over how to meet Ukraine’s pressing needs for bolstered air defenses without jeopardizing U.S. combat readiness.”

The new Patriot system—the second that the United States has sent to Ukraine—will come from Poland, where it has been protecting a rotational force of American troops who will be returning to the United States, officials told the Times. The system could be deployed to Ukraine’s front lines in the next several days, U.S. officials said, depending on any maintenance or modifications it needs.

Meanwhile, Norway announced that it will contribute €240 million to Ukraine for air defense, including €125 million for 100 Patriot missiles as part of an initiative also involving Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark, reported TASS.

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