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Russia: Biden’s Security Agreement with Zelenskyy Is Nothing

Russia is calling President Joe Biden’s bluff on the 10-year security agreement he signed with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on June 13. “In the first half of the year, Ukraine has signed a package of agreements with a number of European countries, now there is a similar document with the U.S.… If there is a serious legal expert review of such an agreement, there will definitely arise a question: who and with which competences signed these documents. It will turn out that this all is a bluff: the treaty is insignificant, all the structure will crumble,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday at the meeting with leaders of the Russian foreign department, reported Sputnik. Meanwhile, the West’s campaign to isolate Russia has failed, the Russian President added.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova characterized the security deal as even less important than some press releases. She called the document largely irrelevant and meant to deceive the Ukrainian people, reported RT. Zakharova on June 14 called the deal a “scrap of paper” and cited the lack of specifics and judicially binding power when explaining her dismissive attitude.

From Zelenskyy’s standpoint, Zakharova said, the agreement is primarily meant, “to show to the citizens of Ukraine, whom Zelenskyy has not yet sent to the slaughter, that the world community is supposedly with them.”

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