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Bulgarian, German and Italian Voices on WWIII Danger

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has accused NATO of getting involved in the war in Ukraine, thus risking escalation and a nuclear Armageddon. At a press conference yesterday he said: “With the decision to allow for an attack with Western weapons deep in Russia and the formalization of sending advisers and instructors to the very front line, these red lines have already been crossed and unfortunately our politicians become part of such inadequate decisions with all the consequences,” the Bulgarian newswire BNE reported.

Italian Lega party leader and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, after calling French President Macron and head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell “bombers,” said that “we, as Italy, should be very careful about sending more weapons to Ukraine. Who assures me that then an Italian bomb, an Italian bullet will not go to strike Russian territory and Moscow, and then World War III will break out?” Salvini said this in an interview in which he questioned the wisdom of sending new Italian military supplies to Ukraine.

In Germany, the country’s largest-circulation magazine, Focus, published a guest column on May 29 headlined “‘Entry into World War 3': Expert Warns NATO Countries about Helping Ukraine on the Ground.” The author is former Bundeswehr Col. Ralph D. Thiele (ret.), Chairman of the Politisch-Militärische Gesellschaft (Political-Military Society), President of EuroDefense (Deutschland), and CEO of StratByrd Consulting. “A positive outcome to this conflict for Ukraine is not possible with military assistance. And direct military intervention by the U.S.A. risks a nuclear confrontation with Russia,” Thiele warned. He concluded: “What needs to be done? We need a turnaround in the arms industry. The West needs time for this. In view of the precarious military situation in Ukraine, a ceasefire for Ukraine is becoming urgent. The alternatives are wishful thinking.”

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