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Col. Kwiatkowski Says, Russia Can See Ukrainian Attacks as the ‘Precursor to Nuclear Strike’

In an interview with Sputnik published May 31, former Pentagon analyst and U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski (ret.) warned that Russia could see Ukraine’s long-range attacks inside Russia as a precursor to a NATO nuclear strike.

“The big problem is that Kyiv’s drones have attacked Russian early warning systems that are designed as part of their nuclear defense…. I don’t think they damaged them, but this has been done. If American weapons, heavier weapons are used against those targets, this cannot help but be seen by Russia as a precursor to a first strike—a nuclear first strike. When you hit someone’s nuclear defense radars, their ‘eyes,’ their defensive systems, in normal war strategy, you’re preparing a battlefield. So I don’t know if the Biden advisors in Washington really have a sense of this, because there are no military people up there that are talking to Biden about this, but it’s a very dangerous situation,” Kwiatkowski emphasized.

Biden, in allowing Ukraine to use U.S. weapons in strikes against Russia, Kwiatkowski said, “is responding and going by a neoconservative playbook, which is a playbook that wants war.”

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