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EU’s Designated Foreign Policy Chief Favors the Dismemberment of Russia

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, who has been designated to replace Josep Borrell as the EU’s next foreign policy chief and EU Commission vice president, is a rabid Russophobe who backs Ukrainian membership in NATO. But her idea of what victory over Russia should look like goes much further than that. Kallas believes the optimal scenario of a defeat for Russia would result in the country’s dissolution, RT reported in a June 28 profile of her. Russia is composed of “many different nations” that could become independent, and “it is not a bad thing if the big power is actually [made] much smaller,” she argued last year.

Kallas has also embraced the idea that at some point NATO countries may have to deploy troops into Ukraine to prevent Moscow from defeating Kiev, and idea first stated publicly by French President Emmanuel Macron in February, RT reports. “We shouldn’t be afraid of our own power. Russia is saying this or that step is escalation, but defense is not escalation,” the Estonian politician said of the proposal.