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Financial Warfare Escalates Against Mexico, To Get Sheinbaum To Buckle

A Bloomberg wire is pretty unabashed about what the City of London and Wall Street are trying to do to make sure Mexico follows their orders and doesn’t bolt towards the BRICS under President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum. [A June 11 article headlined] “Peso Gets Crushed as Investors Worry Sheinbaum’s Win Was Too Big” reports:

“Claudia Sheinbaum struggled to address investor concerns Tuesday that the ruling party’s landslide election win will pave the way for measures to erode the judicial branch’s independence and allow a slate of constitutional changes to be pushed through quickly.… The currency is now down more than 8% since the June 2 vote, by far the world’s worst performer in that span. `Investors don’t have any reason to worry,’ she said. `But at the same time, there’s an agenda for the people of Mexico and a project for the nation that have to continue.’”

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