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Fracas over Event To Promote ‘the Best Anglo Neighborhoods in Israel’

A violent confrontation took place Sunday, June 23, in front of the Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles, at an event titled “Real Estate In Israel,” where participants could “come and meet representatives of housing projects in all the best Anglo neighborhoods in Israel.” News media coverage, and a tweet-storm from elected officials including Joe Biden, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, and Gov. Gavin Newsome, immediately characterized the incident as an outbreak of anti-Semitism. Tellingly, the violence was characterized as “clashes” without any attempt to determine which side instigated the violence.

Members of CODEPINK witnessed the brawl and issued a statement, saying that contrary to what was implied in the press coverage, Jews do not celebrate Shabbat on Sunday. They added, “During the protest, Zionists attacked peace activists and stole their phones, and the LAPD stood by, offering support to the aggressors. Organizers from CODEPINK Southeast LA explained how the police enabled and assisted Zionist counter-protestors who attacked them:

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