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German Newsletter Says NATO/Europe Preparing To Go to War Against Russia

NATO is preparing for an offensive. Credit: ©Bundeswehr/Modes CC

Today’s issue of a well-informed German newsletter, a copy of which has been provided to this news service, reports that Ukrainian Armed Forces commander in chief Col. Gen. Oleksandr Syrskyi has been given 45 days to prepare an offensive in the Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions. According to the newsletter, active preparations are underway:

Starting Friday, an air bridge will be established between the U.S. and Poland for the transportation of armored vehicles and ammunition;

Panzer and armored personnel carriers of Swedish, Italian and German production will be delivered by ship from Romania and Bulgaria;

Storm Shadow and ATACMS missiles will be stockpiled;

In Kherson and the Dnieper, repair workshops will be set up in underground shopping centers;

Field hospitals will be prepared in the Odessa, Dnieper, Kharkov and Nikolayev regions.

These hospitals are for 30,000 casualties, and starting Monday, 2,300 doctors and paramedics from Italy, Croatia, Belgium and the Netherlands will be sent to work and train in the field under these conditions. Finland and the Baltic countries will send a limited contingent of military specialists to protect these hospitals from the air and organize electronic warfare. NATO and Western states, the newsletter states, are preparing their troops to enter Ukraine under the guise of “medical aid personnel” and “protection personnel,” but will be continuously supplemented by real combat troops.

In short, the entire recent “peace summit” under the leadership of the EU heads of state and government is actually preparing to declare war on the Russian armed forces, the newsletter states, adding that there could be no hot World War III without the involvement of the German