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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Interviewed on CGTN's “Asia Today” Show

On June 22 Helga Zepp-LaRouche was interviewed by Jiao Yang on CGTN’s “Asia Today” live news broadcast to comment on ongoing trade talks between Germany and China, in the context of the contentious visit to China by German Economics Minister Robert Habeck. Ms. Yang asked Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche if there were any “common ground” between China and the European Union over trade. She answered that it is clear that the EU is under massive pressure from Washington and London to de-couple and de-link from China, but that Europe should recognize its own interests and link-up with the Global Majority, and China is a leading part of that. The issue, according to Zepp-LaRouche, is whether Europe is sovereign or not.

Yang said that China would like to see Germany play a leading role in the EU and asked how much influence does Germany have? Zepp-LaRouche answered that Germany is still the strongest economy in Europe so it is a major factor and France’s Macron also shows some willingness to work with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Zepp-LaRouche continued that German industry is putting massive pressure on Chancellor Olaf Scholz. One in six jobs in Germany depends on the auto industry and Germany is an exporting nation, so Germany should link-up with the BRICS and the Global Majority and the new emerging economic system. Zepp-LaRouche ended by saying that, “I would hope that reason would prevail, and then the situation is not hopeless.”

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