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Israeli Politician Invokes Hitler as Model for Israeli Treatment of Gaza

Israeli politician and former Likud lawmaker Moshe Feiglin invoked Adolf Hitler to demand the expulsion of all Palestinians from Gaza. In a panel discussion on Israel’s Channel 12, Feiglin called for a Jewish resettlement in Gaza and argued that Israel should transform the Palestinian territory into a “Hebrew Gaza,” the Middle East Eye (MEE) reported on June 16. “We are not guests in our country, this is our country, all of it,” he said in the video shared on June 16 in Israeli social media. “As Hitler said, ‘I cannot live if one Jew is left.’ We can’t live here if one ‘Islamo-Nazi’ remains in Gaza.”

Feiglin represented Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud between 2013 and 2015 before leaving it to establish his own far-right Zehut ("Identity") party.

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