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Israel's KAN Publishes Intel Document on Foreknowledge of Oct. 7 Assault

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clings to power while rejecting compromises with his former War Coalition partners, anonymous security officials have provided Israel’s KAN media access to a damning security report, suggesting that, in the immediate weeks before the October 7 assault, Netanyahu’s government, at high levels, ignored warnings. KAN both broadcast and published the story last night.

The September 19, 2023 Israeli document, entitled (from a machine translation from Hebrew) “Detailed Raid Training from End to End,” details the training sessions of elite units of Hamas, practicing raids on Israel’s military outposts and kibbutzim, for the purpose of capturing an estimated 200-250 soldiers and civilians. Hamas included instructions on how to detain and process the abductees, and how to guard them once they were brought into Gaza. The units were drilled to attack various parts of Israel’s military outposts near the border—the overall headquarters, those of communications, squadrons and soldiers, the sight-shooter systems, even the synagogues on the bases.

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