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Medvedev ‘Humanity Must Finally Get Rid of the Legacy of the Colonial System’

Former President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev calls for the ridding of humanity of neo-colonialism, as the theme of a lengthy article he wrote, headlined, “The Time of the Metropolises Is Up; Humanity must finally get rid of the legacy of the colonial system,” which appears in today’s Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Medvedev’s article is reported in other media. Sputniknews quotes from it, “One way to address the challenges of eliminating the socio-economic manifestations of neocolonialism may be to strengthen the coordination of approaches of the majority of the countries in the world to the formation of an entirely new system of international relations based on the principles of respect and benevolent non-interference. Solving these issues is a matter for the very near future,” Sputniknews

Pointing to the potential for cooperation between the BRICS and the African Union, Medvedev wrote, “We hope that through joint efforts with our partners, the preconditions will be created for raising cooperation in the BRICS-African Union format to a new qualitative level, based on increasing the role of BRICS in the peaceful resolution of conflicts and ensuring compliance with international law.”

Medvedev underscored, “Anti-neocolonial rhetoric is sounding increasingly stronger. The Western liberal model itself has lost its attractiveness.” He said a polycentric world order that draws its strength from diversity will be pragmatic. “The key to economic stability will be the diversification of ties,” Medvedev said.

He also pointed to the fact that the countries of the Global South refuse to follow the so-called peace formula of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “The result [for the West] is a deep shock at the ‘unexpected’ unwillingness of the Global South to follow the ‘Zelensky formula’, to sever longstanding ties with Russia, to join the sanctions spree promoted by the White House and its satellites, to turn a blind eye to the next aggravation of the situation in the Middle East.”

According to Medvedev, the West uses tools of “debt neocolonialism” to maintain influence in the Global South.