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NATO Military Chief Endorses Defeat of Russia in Washington Post Interview

Adm. Rob Bauer. Credit: CC/Donkerblauw Bloed

On Friday, June 7, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius gave Dutch Adm. Rob Bauer, the chairman of the NATO Military Committee, carte blanche to recite without challenge the NATO narrative of an unprovoked attack on Ukraine by an aggressive Russia. “I think President Biden is absolutely right in that it is unacceptable if we allow Russia to win in Ukraine,” Bauer said in response to Biden’s obscenities in Normandy, according to the interview transcript. “It would have dramatic consequences, not only for Ukraine, but also for the rest of the world, because that is the message, the chilling message to autocratic states that might is right and that you can get away with it. And I think that is something we should not let—allow Putin to do, and therefore, we have to continue to support Ukraine with money, with weapons, with ammunition, with training, and everything they need.”

Bauer attributed the Russian offensive in the north to the “slowdown” in Western aid that resulted from the temporary blocking of Biden’s war budget in the U.S. Congress. He also either lied outright or proved he has no idea what’s going on regarding the Russian offensive. “If you look at the results, it is actually not impressive,” he said. “They have taken some villages, but it’s not strategic militarily at all in terms of the positions they now have. The attack from the north, from Belgorod towards Kharkiv is actually not feasible with the number of troops that they have.”

Bauer completely ignored the Ukraine attacks on civilians in Russia’s Belgorod region, and instead, declared that “the mighty Russian army has not been able to defeat the much smaller Ukrainian armed forces.”

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