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Nigerian General Strike Commences as Talks With Government Break Down

The nation of Nigeria has been plunged into darkness overnight, as the electrical workers union has answered a joint call by the nation’s two leading labor organizations—the Nigeria Labor Congress and the Trade Union Congress—for a nationwide strike to commence midnight June 2. Over 30 unions, including the nation’s professors and universities, public servants and airport workers have joined the electrical workers in answering the call, shutting down federal offices and snarling traffic at airports. Inflation in Nigeria hit a 28-year high of 33.69% in April, as Nigerian President Bola Tinubu has instituted “IMF austerity (without the IMF)” policies since he was inaugurated a year ago, May 29, 2023.

Talks with the government over a new minimum wage had been ongoing since April 10, when Tinubu issued a criminal 250% increase in electricity “tariffs” (rates) for the nation’s largest consumers. Unions—which had given up on begging for “palliatives” to compensate for the fuel and food price increases—were instead seeking a minimum wage of N494,000 naira/month ($369) while the federal government had increased their offer to an insulting N60,000/month ($44). After a one-day protest strike on May 13 produced no results, the NLC and TUC called for national action.

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