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RFK, Jr.’s Real-Time Response to the Biden-Trump Debate

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. streamed a “real debate” on X from a Los Angeles studio, where he also had a live audience; and in which he responded to the same CNN anchors’ questions after his audience watched Biden and Trump respond to them. He attacked both Biden and Trump for the NATO war against Ukraine, and warned of the immediate danger of nuclear war. But he also reiterated full support for Israel, not only against the Palestinians, but also against Hezbollah in a prospective war, or “any other Iran proxy.”

RFK, Jr. has recently received 6-7% support in polls. As the CNN debate crashed on, it would appear that some viewers were deserting to watch RFK, Jr. According to Yahoo News (reporting his campaign’s claims), his initial X audience was about 70,000, but at the midpoint of the CNN debate his “the real debate” was being watched by 3.2 million.