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Rosatom Chief Speaks With Vietnam Prime Minister Over Nuclear Plans

During the course of President Putin’s visit to Vietnam on June 21, Rosatom chief, Alexei Likhachev, met with Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Ming Chinh to discuss the proposed Center for Nuclear Science and Technology to be set up in Vietnam, as well as other potential cooperation in the field of nuclear energy. He also met with Vietnam’s Science and Technology, Minister Huynh Thanh Dat, with the two signing an interdepartmental memorandum about the plans for the center. Likhachev described the agreement as “a program document that contains a clear schedule of activities for the development of the project for the period until 2027.” Likhachev told Tass that he had outlined for the Prime Minister “the entire range of our export supplies, large units, small and medium-capacity plants, and small modular reactors both in onshore and floating versions.” In the leaders’ statements to the media after the summit, President Putin said that “a promising area for expanding bilateral cooperation is nuclear energy.”

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